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Product Description

What is Radio frequency? It is called diathermy(deep heating) which is the system to provide the treatment by generating the heat from inside the human body.

Principle of RF?

Electric energy input ---Transformation into biological energy --- Deep heat generated --- Natural healing and resistant force increased

Characteristics of Radio Frequency?

Oscillation width is very short.
Almost no ion movement of the human body components. No electric-chemical reaction and electrolysis.

Short period of pulsation
No simulating of the sensory nerves and motor nerves not to lead to the muscle contracted. (electric-acupuncture -effect with thousands of stimulation without muscle fatigue or accumulated lactate)

Not piezo-electric  
Possible to be applied to eyes and head

Effect of Radio Frequency?

Increased the tissue temperature and cell functionality, increased by 4 ~ 5℃ in the hypodermic and muscular tissues.

Increased blood flow, Blood capillaries flow Increase by 4~5 times, Increase in metabolism materials purifying oxygen, nutritive materials, antibody,leukocyte and lymph circulation.

Increased elasticity of the collagen fiber tissue.Increased elasticity by 5~10 times in muscle, ligament, articular capsule, and scar tissue. Maximum elasticity without damaging the tissues at 40-45℃ of local temperature of collagen.

Remarkable reduction in ankylosis Compared with the cold therapy, heat therapy reduces the ankylosis and inconvenience

With the alleviation of the pain.Pain by the coronary heart disease : Alleviates the pain with the thermoelectric probe hyperemia. Increased by heating the regional pain or peripheral nerve, alleviating the pain in the muscle,ligament and tissue around the joint.

Relaxing the muscular contracture. Relaxing the muscular contracture by reducing the explosion of alpha motor nerve fiber

Promotion of the chronic inflammatory treatment .Increase in oxygen, nutritive, leukocyte and antibody by promoting the intravenous circulation and helping the absorption of the inflammatory fibroid

Promotes the wound treatment.Helping the extension of the arteriole and blood capillaries to enhance the circulation on the skin and to promote the treatment according to the increased blood flow

Specification and method of operation

Display in LCD Screen
Easy to operate
Quick result
Up to 10Mhz Frequency
Seven Ceramic coating electrodes

1.Voltage: AC 110 V or 220V
2.Frequency:1Mhz- 10Mhz
3.Power output: 260w
4.Weight: 15kg
5. Tip diameter: 15 20 30 43mm



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Frequently Asked Questions
A、Treatment on face
1、How 's the feel during RF operation
That is a progress of heat accumulation : warmer and warmer until heat near the limitation you
cannot bear . But the high temperature cannot get any danger for the temperature of surface is
only 40-43 degree , and the hear is from inside to outside , so generally it is comfortable .
2、What can we get result after the treatment ?
You will find your skin lifted and tightened , smaller sweat pore and get rejuvenation
3、The possible result and feeling after the face treatment ?
Slight redness and little hot feeling , but that is all normal and will disappear in 20 minutes .
A few people will have some swelling feeling which is a normal result , and some sensitive skin
can last 1-2 days . There is no need to worry about that .
4、Any different result for different people ?
Yes , generally speaking , oil skin is easier to get good result than dry skin ; dry skin’s elasticity of
skin fiber is weak , so keep skin moisture is advised before treatment
5、 How long can we see the result ?
Depend on people’s age and skin condistion , a instant result can be found after the first treatment
and for most people , skin become tighten after 3 days .
6、How long the result can be kept after one treatment ?
The collagen growth needs time , the first time treatment can see a instant contractive result but
that only can last one week . If you want to have a long term result , you should have the
treatment with more then a week's procedure
7、Could the customers taking wire plant in face do RF ?
It is not recommended to do RF , but for some who plant little wire in small areas can do RF after
8、Can patients having injection filling in face can do RF ?
No , the high temperature can cause these material dissolve or metabolized .
9、How about the coustomers with silica gel in face ?
They can't do RF. The heat of RF can make the silica gel's shape changed
10、Can People having mental fake teeth do RF ?
It is better not do RF , people with mental fack teeth can feel hot and uncomfortable , but for
some people who can bear it can do it and have a wood covered on metal teeth can help release the
feeling .
11、Can People having mental teeth do RF ?
They had better no do that.Different customers have different endurance according to the position
of their mental teeth.But some customers with a stong endurance can do it with some cotton filled
in the operation part.
12、How about people with mental sensitive ?
People who is sensitive to mental cannot do Ebox .
13、Why customers with face nerve inflammation on face cann't do RF ?
Pateints with face nerve inflammation should keep away from any stimulation in case more
serious condition.
14、Could customers do IPL and RF together ?
It is better to do RF after 7 days of IPL treatment.

B、Treatment around eyes
1、How’s the feeling when doing the treatment around eyes ?
Answer : skin around eyes is very sensitive,so we chose low energy . It is normal when you have
the feeling of heat and swelling with the feeling disappearing after 20 minutes .
2、The possible phenomenon after the treatment on eyes ?
Answer : usually for most patients , we can see improved condition on black circle and wrinkles .
Maybe a few will have dropsy but it will disappear within 3 days .
3、How’s the result on congenital black circle ?
No good result on such condition
4、How about eye pouch ?
Answer : simply we have three kinds pouch: fat pouch , water pouch and relaxed pouch .
Compared with the fat punch,the water pouch an relaxed pouch can get more instant result after
the treatment.
5、Could RF treat wrinkles on the upper eyelids ?
Absolutely not , the skin is too thin and it is easy to get eyes hurt .
C、Other questions
1、How long is it for the wound healing by using ebox ?
Depending on the depth of wound: usually it takes at least one month after undergoing the surgery
on abdomen. Much time is needed for the deeper tissue though the wound on surface is healed .
2、Can woemen with mental conception use ebox?Are there any unconfortable feelings ?
Answer: it is ok for most patients , very few people feel uncomfortable near the metal areas
3、Why do you advice women patients to not take RF treatment during menstruation ?
Answer : druing menstruation , most women's spirit and nerves are weak and sensitive . so the
immune system is also weak.
4、Why is the result not desirable if patients eat any drug containing hormone ?
Answer : people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and incretion unbalance should take drugs
containing hormones which is one of causes bring fat , so it can affect the result of the cellulite
treatment .
5、Why do you need to keep the temperature on epidermis between 40℃ and 45℃ ?
Answer : only when the temperature reachs at 40℃—45℃ , the temperature under dermis and
deep tissue can reach around 60℃.At that level , the fat would begin to dissolve . So results
could be worse if temperature is below 60℃
6、Is it possible to get burned during all operation ?
Absolutely not . Unipolar RF works at 4mm under epidermis , and the temperature on epidermis is
only between 40℃ and 45℃ .And actuall in all operations you will feel safe and comfortable .
7、Why do I feel the inner warm in body for long time after the treatment ?
The RF from Ebox can reach t 21.5 mm depth under epidermis , which is deep enough to reach the
fat layer .So as long as the operation is correct , the warm feeling can stay 1to 2 hours .
8、 Can it remove stretch marks ?
Until now , no any medical equipments can removal stretch marks totally .
During operation , RF energy help rebuild the broken and old collagen and improve the tissue
around and lighten the pigmentations .
9、Could Ebox impove the condition around eyes and treat eyes pouch and black circles ?
Answer : yes and it can be treated easily . The Heat from RF energy can help to promote blood
circulation and new collagen growth , lift the skin around eyes and improve the condition like
black circle and eyes pouch .
10、How 's the result on acne ?
Answer : we all know acne is result from incretion problem , RF energy can help to diminish
inflammation and repair acne wounds
11、What is the function of cooling gel ?
Answer : its main ingredients are water and glycerin ,.And it makes a good coupling between
skin and RF energy
12、Is the RF technology mature enough to be used on beauty programs ?
Answer : this technology has been used in clinics in North America and European countries for
more than 10 years and gets FDA certification.So it is proved it is a safe and effective technology
in aesthetic treatment
13、Any effect on gynaopathy ?
Answer : the energy helps to promote the blood circulation , in that way we can release pain and
improve the condition for some gynaopathy
14、What is the best environmental temperature for such operation ?
Answer : it is recommend not too hot inside and should be around 20℃ to 25 ℃
15、Any incline of the handpiece is ok during operation ?
Answer : keep tips fully touched with patient’s skin and try to make a uprightness between hand
piece and skin


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